Have you ever considered starting your own recruitment business but never known where to begin.

Are you working for a recruitment business in a senior consulting role and frustrated with your lack of opportunity and progression?

Do you often feel that your ideas and suggestions are not heard or considered?

Do you feel undervalued and under rewarded?

Are you looking for complete flexibility for maximum work/life harmony?

If you can relate to the above, then you must take control of your career and seriously consider owning and running your own business. There are many talented consultants working in the industry who are underachieving what they could accomplish, sometimes due to lack of confidence but often due to a lack of commercial knowledge and understanding.


How Does It Work?

A license to use the Constructive brand, systems and processes
Access to the shared national database of over 300,000 qualified candidates
Temp Payroll facility and funding structure provided
2 hours a month training, mentoring and business coaching
Centralised Administration and Research Support
Centralised marketing and branding
Leverage off National Agreements and PSA's
Debt collection and financial guidance - Weekly and Monthly Reporting
Utilisation of shared buying power
Yearly conference for franchisees and their teams

How Much Control Do You Have?

You have 100% ownership, it's your business!
You hire your own staff
You create and have your own commissions and salary schemes
You choose if you wish to have a flexible working/remote and/or office-based environment
You scale as much or as little as you wish to
You manage your own finances and make your own decisions

You must use The Constructive Collective brand correctly and adhere to the minimum standards of quality delivery and specific initiatives or directives

Why Would You Take A Franchise?

Established brand and market offering
Existing and proven business model
Operating systems and processes in place
Shared central services
Ability to realise the value of your work in a future asset sale
Cover whilst away on leave - can be difficult if a sole trader
Faster growth than you could possibly have on your own
Initial set up and business planning support
Extended support peer network - running own business can be very lonely and daunting at times
Business coaching by industry expert of over 25 years
Please get in touch and join our community of like minded business owners and experience the benefit of
"The Constructive Collective"

2004 was a turning point for me to which you had a very big influence in. Your placement of me as the senior estimator in Abergeldie Contractors was the perfect fit for me. You were able to find a niche in a very competitive market that changed my career for the better. I attribute this success in my career to you as previously mentioned, for your ability in placing me with a very successful company. Over the years we have stayed in touch and celebrated my anniversaries with Abergeldie and also the celebration of my being one of your longest appointments, if not the longest.   All of this and your personable approach to your profession is, why you are successful and well respected in this industry.

Joe Franco

Giles, Thanks for restoring my faith in the recruitment industry. After making contact on a personal level and explaining what has been happening in the Constructive recruitment space, I mentioned that we were looking for a particular type of individual to join our growing business. This was no ordinary placement as it required someone with entrepreneurial skills as well as a need to be compliant and engage widely with industry. This was no introvert or extrovert, this was someone I described from a general discussion. You listened, and we got a person that has fitted into our organisation perfectly. Thank you for listening.

Sam Turnbull

I cannot thank Giles Keay enough for his drive, commitment and determination in finding me a suitable and prosperous placement, following my family's move from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast.As if it weren't challenging enough moving interstate, the onset of Covid-19 created further difficulties in finding opportunities; let alone arranging interviews around my existing work schedule between Sydney andour new home. Giles presented a number of possibilities, eventually landing me an offer from a local and respected company with not only good remuneration, but also clear pathways towards career development.My family and I are now settled and feeling at peace thanks to Giles and his diligence. I would highly recommend Giles to other professionals looking for a personalised and caring approach to assist their career journey.

James Burns

My relationship with Giles started when I posted on linked in that I was in need of support. Giles reached out to me and said “I will help you”. I thought to my self wow that is a statement I have been wanting to hear. Not only did Giles support me in looking for work for me he continually checked in to ensure I as feeling ok and positive. In the most uncertain times (Covid-19) Giles found a role that he said you will be perfect for this company. He was able to get me an interview, he coached me for the interview. He talked to me prior to the interview to ensure I was calm and ready. After the interview I had an offer on the table in 2 days. I would recommend Giles to everyone. He is an inspirational leader in the field of recruitment. He cares about his Candidates and works so very hard for each one us. Giles thank you for your help and support.

Roger McIntyre