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Business Coaching

One of the core benefits of owning your franchise within The Constructive Collective community is the regular business coaching provided as part of the service delivery.

Our founder, Giles Keay, has extensive experience building and running a successful recruitment business for over 17 years. Over the past 5 years, he has applied that knowledge and expertise to assisting many business owners both within recruitment and in other industries to build and grow their organisations.

Our community of business owners extends outside “The Constructive Collective” and we can deliver this business coaching service externally to other clients in many different businesses and industries.

Our business coaching is tailored to each individual and business however, key topics covered during business coaching/mentoring sessions may include.

  • Formulating a long-term vision for your business

  • Assisting to create business plans either short to long term

  • Business development and sales strategy development

  • Marketing and branding review and creation

  • Ensuring work and personal life harmony

  • Creating a healthy and well-being focused environment for your team

  • Staff retention strategies

  • Assisting with the resolution of internal disputes

  • Advice and direction on how to recruit and grow a successful team

  • Creating ideas to improve revenue and profit

  • Identifying issues and streamlining operational functions within the business

  • Provide business upskilling and training around aspects of financial reporting and budgeting

For a confidential discussion around your business, your objectives and how we can help please contact Giles on 0417 037 188 or giles@constructive.net.au or complete the below form to download further information about our Business Coaching services.
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I first met Giles when I had a concept of a reference tool that could be used by recruitment agencies, Giles kindly gave me the time to present our concept Referoo! Although our technology was in early stages (very basic) Giles was awesome and gave us lots of help on how to improve Referoo so it could be a system that would be used in the industry. For the past three years, Giles has been a phone call away to help with everything from product improvement, business advice and a person who can offer help on a personal level. Unofficially Giles has been my mentor for the past 3 years so I’m glad we can finally make it official.

Chris Hunter

When work levels reduced at my previous employer, I started to worry about what I would do next. I had always had the vision to start my own business, but I felt that I needed a few more years’ experience in order to be ready to make that jump.After sitting down with Giles for just 5 minutes and explaining my situation he convinced me that I could absolutely achieve my goals. He guided me step by step as I set up a new business and installed confidence in me that had not been there before. Giles is patient, tireless in his efforts, and quite simply an oracle of information. Giles has taught me everything from negotiation, advertising, business development, estimating to marketing.Giles has been there with me every step of the way and has always made himself available. Without his continued guidance I would not be where I am today.

Lloyd Kay

I have had the pleasure of having Giles as a business mentor for the past five years and throughout that time he has helped me with my business goals, staffing issues, day to day recruitment etc. Giles is a fantastic listener and mentor, he also encourages you to do your own thinking and pushes you to do things out of your comfort zone to enhance yourself and your business. Giles has a lovely relaxed, friendly and non-judgemental approach to his mentorship, one that has worked really well for me. He has over 22 years recruitment experience as well as 17 of these being running a successful business so he has been through it all and really knows his stuff. I cannot recommend Giles highly enough.​

Elissa Slingsby

I have worked with Giles for just under 3 years and found him to be an amazing mentor, business partner, and advisor. Giles’ experience gained from managing a large, national recruitment business with over 35 staff is invaluable for anybody looking to build and scale their own business. Giles understands the joy and the challenges, frustrations, and roadblocks that come from growing a business. If you are looking to grow your business, differentiate your business, improve your business’ culture, improve the bottom line, or run your business with more confidence, I can’t recommend Giles highly enough. I am always happy to have a confidential chat with anyone who is considering partnering with Giles.

Steven Lane