The Virtual Time Machine

08 June 2021 Giles Keay

Virtual Time 480

This Constructive Tip is about helping you to be able to make decisions, which can be in both your personal or business life, and trying to assist with being confident around the choices that you make.

I am sure you have all said at some point or another, if only I'd known that was going to happen or such a person was going to do that or I wouldn’t have made that choice if I’d known that would be the result.  This is what we all call Hindsight…. and it is about using this when making a decision that can actually help.

I certainly for one would have made many different choices over my life had I known what the result of what  those actions would be.  I’ve often said that I would love a time machine to be able to go back in time to change what these might have been but in fact we don’t actually need one. We can use a virtual one instead and head to the future!!

So the process of using your virtual time machine is so so simple, like most things in life, and it’s all about playing out the potential outcomes of your choices. So firstly write down the decision you have to make and rather than writing down pros and cons which we often do take a look at that decision and work out if you make that choice what is one particular result that could actually happen. Once you’ve done this, then calculate another potential result in a different parallel universe and then another and another until you feel you have exhausted all possible outcomes. You have now built your virtual time machine and taken a look into the future.

Your next step is to now imagine yourself in that virtual place and look at yourself in the mirror and decide how you feel, would you be happy with that outcome and place or would you rather you’d made a different decision. When you have undertaken this process with all parallel universes then you are ready.  Are you are happy with most of these outcomes? If so then for sure you can most likely make that decision fairly confidently that you will be happy, if not and you don’t like where and what you will be doing in many of those outcomes then quite clearly it would be a poor decision to make.

So you in essence you are essentially making a decision, feeling and experiencing the result and then looking back, with Hindsight, from the future to decide if you would have done the same.

Sometimes it’s a simple process and sometimes it can be harder and you also have to realise that it is also based on probability due to considering many outcomes sometimes you may get the 1 out of 10 you didn’t want!

I would also add another caveat in that you can only make choices you can with the information that you have at that moment and many things can change often outside of our influence, especially if other people are concerned!