Perfection - It’s impossible!

28 April 2021 Giles Keay

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That’s the big message I want to try to get across to anyone that reads this.  Anyone who or is close to anyone who has had mental health issues know how difficult it can be to navigate your way through life.

One, if not the most damaging impact to someone’s mental health is a desire and need to be perfect in everything that they do.  This constant pressure can be enough to cause so many problems at work and at home

We can look to and blame so many influences on why this seems to be such a widespread issue, the what we call in our house “noise” that is created from technology, social media, other people’s opinions of you, your own voices in your head and so on.  This noise can often create extremely unrealistic levels of achievement, financial success, appearance, and relationships which will never be met thus causing disappointment with yourself and causing you to feel negatively about you and the world around you.

No one is perfect, what you see on social media and the news is not always real, people often only tell you the good not always the struggles and the challenges. So next time you are wondering why you are not as good as someone else, that your world is not as exciting as others you are watching around you, just remember much of what you see is what they want you to see, they equally have the same issues in many cases and are probably looking right back at you thinking the same.

Just focus on yourself and being the best version that you can be each and every day, enjoy the moments that you grab on your own, with loved ones, be happy with you and your body, and please please please... never try to be perfect... it’s impossible!