Choose your Mood

29 March 2021 Giles Keay

Choose Your Mood Resize

Choosing your attitude is probably one of the most impactful actions you take everyday, often it’s first thing in the morning although not always, and it’s about how you feel and how you look at the day in front of you.

Sometimes you may not start quite as you hope, maybe you slept badly, you have an argument with your partner, maybe the kids didn’t listen or you just genuinely woke up poorly (clearly this is all personal experiences!).  However the day starts, choosing your attitude at any point of the day can make all the difference.

A positive mindset can make such a difference to many parts of your life including your health both mentally and physically, to your relationships and also to your performance at work.

Firstly you have to accept that;

  1. Its impossible for people to always have great things happen to them

  2. It’s impossible for all the people around you to always have great things happen for them

  3. Its impossible not to have conflict at times with people in your life

  4. Its impossible for life to just go the way you planned and wanted it to go

They say there are pessimistic and optimistic people in the world...  maybe there is some truth in that... but why are they optimistic?

The reality is that there are speed bumps all the time, normally daily, which impact your ability to be potentially happy and therefore for many, to remain positive.  However, the reality is that you need to attempt to separate the connection between just being happy, which can be affected by many factors, and that of your current and future mindset.

For instance, you may not be great now but you can still be positive about the future.  By looking to the future state and imagining how you will feel then can actually enable you to almost feel it now in the current.

For many positive people it’s their ability to have the strength of character to be open to what might happen rather than worrying or being stuck in the present.

We all know no matter how much you plan you never really know where you will end up... so for me it’s always been about enjoying the journey and each day is the best that I can make it!