Accepting your Strengths & Weaknesses

09 March 2021 Giles Keay

Accept Resized

​One of the greatest abilities that any business owner or manager must have is being able to accept their own strengths and weaknesses. It is often easy to be able to look at others to have opinions when trying to assist your team however, very often reflecting on yourself can be much, much harder. It is difficult to be good at everything, believe me I’ve tried and its impossible!

I have written this “constructive tip” with predominantly management and leadership in mind however, to be honest this can apply to almost anyone in any role and its application will only make you better at what you do.

Eventually, you need to accept that you need help in certain areas of your business, acknowledgement is the first step before you can then act.

We live in a world which is full of options and different solutions capable of solving many issues. Once you have acknowledged the areas or parts where you need help and assistance you can then consider many of the below to assist;

  • Offshoring

  • Technology

  • External Consultants

  • New Employees

  • Delegation to existing employees

  • Utilising Business Coaching

  • Implementation of a Board

I personally in the past could have certainly heeded this advice and although I utilised most of these different solutions over the last 20 years, the major one that I ignored was bringing in an external business coach or the implementation of a board. Running a business or team can often be a fairly lonely experience and one that often can feel isolated or unsure and having an external coach or a board can help guide you in the right direction. Obtaining external advice such as this only compliments your own and a different set of eyes over a problem can be a game changer.

This ability to let go, by using any one method of outsourcing or advice, creates a major opportunity for you to then focus on the actual areas where you excel. This ability to focus will often mean your next level of success will be even greater.

My advice to any business owner or manager is to self-reflect and question your own Strengths and Weaknesses, grab a pen and paper and take time to analyse yourself. Be honest and take a good look in the mirror and remember it is not failure to admit where you may be lacking, it is actually a massive success to be able to do it. Decide where you should place your time and effort and where you should not!

This could be the most profitable action you take today!