How to be Brilliant at Interviews

12 August 2020 Giles Keay

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Interview Advice

 Interview Panic? It happens to many people whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out. Moving jobs and more importantly interviews can be daunting for anyone, especially if it’s a while since you’ve been to one.

Use these techniques to increase your confidence and help you make the right impression. 

Prepare Yourself

  • Double check the address and plan how you are going to get there on time (ten minutes early).

  • Find out as much as you can about the company using websites, LinkedIN google searching and your networks. Know their values, vision and market positioning so you can tailor your answers.

  • Read the job description fully and be ready with examples of your experience to cover all possible areas.

  • Make sure you know your resume back to front.

  • Prepare yourself for potential questions they may ask you in relation to your work history and the role itself.

  • Prepare questions you wish to ask them. This is important as it shows interest in the company and what it does. Ask about goals for your role and the company’s culture. Don’t talk about salary, this is discussed later.

  • Practice the interview with friends or family. You might uncover an issue or idea you may not have considered.

The Interview

  • Dress appropriately.

  • Arrive on time (Remember that’s 10 minutes early!).

  • Remember to turn your mobile off.

  • Be enthusiastic.

  • Shake hands firmly.

  • Be confident.

  • Smile and look them in the eye.

  • Do not smoke beforehand as it can give a negative impression to some interviewers.

  • Expand your answers and take your time. Avoid yes/no answers if you can.

  • Relate your past experience to the core duties and skills required for the role.

  • Let the interviewer speak…remember, they are also selling the role to you.

  • Ask questions and show interest.

  • Thank the interviewer for their time.

  • Let them know you’re interested in the role.

  • Send an email thanking them for the opportunity to meet them and confirming you are keen for the position.

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